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Cardiology is the medical branch in which doctors treat patients with heart and the cardiovascular system. It is used to diagnose and treat conditions like Coronary heart disease, heart failure, Atherosclerosis, hypertension etc. The primary function of the cardiovascular system is to look into the coronary circulation that is how the heart is processing the oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

Cardiologist in Jalpaiguri

Cardiologist are doctors who are specialized in the circulatory system that includes the heart and blood vessels. A physician can refer the patient to a cardiologist when-

  • Shortness of breath: If a patient is suffering from breathlessness, it can be an early sign of occurring a heart disease.
  • Chest pains: It majorly takes place when the patient’s heart does not receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. The pain sometimes even spread over to the back, left arm and jaw.
  • Heart fluctuations: The patient can experience some abnormalities like palpitations, thumping in the chest etc.

We, at Touch Nursing Home, have acquired the best Cardiologist in Jalpaiguri to provide the people of Jalpaiguri and its surroundings with the finest possible treatment possible. We make sure our patients get the ideal treatment under the best doctors available in the region.

Cardiology Procedure:

Our doctors at Touch Nursing Home offer the patients with the best-in-class cardiology service in Jalpaiguri. Firstly, the doctor examines the patient’s medical history and suggests undergoing some tests. A few of the tests that Cardiologist mostly perform to get an idea of the health situation are-

  • ECG/EKG: Electrocardiography is the procedure by which we get to know the electrical activity of the heart. Electrodes are placed on your chest to record the signal readings.
  • Echocardiogram: Both ECGs and Echocardiograms determine the patient’s heart situation. But the difference between these two is that the former records the electrical activity to understand the heart function and Echocardiogram provides an ultrasound picture to show any abnormalities in the heart or its surroundings.

These tests determine the patient’s heart condition to the Cardiologist which help them to start the treatment accordingly. If the patients are suffering from severe heart conditions, the doctors can refer them for surgery. Otherwise, they suggest the patients to lead a healthy life and maintain a proper diet so that the heart conditions keep in check. Touch Nursing Home has been a prominent name in the medical industry for the last several years and is providing the best cardiology treatment in this region. We have acquired specialized Cardiologist in Jalpaiguri to provide the best-in-class treatment for patients. We aspire to be the leading name in North Bengal and are committed to being the go-to name for medical issues to the people.

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